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Since 1999 Bringing Best Product

Bismillah Holdings ltd. is your one-stop shop for all your cherish & daily grocery needs.We are one of the largest in Papua New Guinea. You will find anything and everything from your daily use groceries Rice, sugar oil, shop, detergent powder, Chillis Powder , Turmeric Powder , Coriander powder , Meat Spices Powder etc.. As Canned Food, Loly ,Candy, Biscuit, Beverage and other soft Drinks , ethnic Food Item & many more items.

We also have a huge of Garments Stock Lot, Lather Goods, Rubber Slipper, ethnic Food Item, Biodegradable Check Out Bag from Bangladesh. Toys, Daily Commodities, Kitchen Appliance, Shoes, Sandal from China our items will truly be amazed to you.

So, order your favorite groceries, snacks and other items and let us have the pleasure to deliver it right at your dailyneeds. WE ATTEMPT to understand the unique needs of the consumer and translate that needs into products which satisfies them in the form of quality products, high level of service and affordable price range in a unique way. Addressing the unique needs, we endeavor for top quality products at the least cost reaching homes of all people in the country. To fulfill our responsibility to the Government through payment of entire range of due taxes, duties, and claim to various public agencies. And as responsible citizens, we make every effort for a social order devoid of malpractices, anti-environmental behaviors, unethical and corruptive dealings.